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Body Work

Body , Mind and Spirit Treatment

Body, Mind, and Spirit Treatment covers all three aspects of the self.  I will be integrating many holistic therapies all geared towards you perfectly for maximum healing and health. Total self work includes working emotionally, mentally and physically with clients to see which body/mind group best for your dis-ease/illness/health situation.   Healing, relaxing and revitalizing. Medical intuition/body speaks - Reiki - aromatherapy - Reflexology - massage- Swedish, Shiatsu, aromatherapy, lymph - chakra/crystal work - holistic nutrition - holistic coaching.

Individual treatments are available upon request:

Body Mind & Spirit Treatment $90 - 60min Mind/Body Service

Full Body Relaxation Massage $90 - 60 min

Reflexology $90 - 60 min


30 minute Add On's to any 60 Minute treatment +$40

Back, Neck, Head and Shoulder +30 min

Indian Head Massage +30 min

Reflexology +30 min

Meditation +30 min

Hot Stone, Aromatherapy

Nutritional Symptomology - $55 - 45 min

Holistic Coaching  Available $90 hour

Meditation Classes - From $15

Cancellation Policy

Please give 24 hours notice of appointment being cancelled. Appointments booked online will receive a confirmation email to confirm date and time.

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