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Meditation Class
In person/Online

Beginners Meditation Classes by the Beach. Summer Mornings Classes &  some pop up Free Evening sessions are available this summer on the Annapolis Basin.  Deep Brook, Weather Permitting. In-Class - Online Classes for the Fall, Winter & Spring. 30-45 minutes.

Space is limited, 6-8 people.


$15 - Free


Body Therapy

Integrated Holistic Body, Mind & Spirit Therapies & Treatments





-Chakra Balancing

-Indian Head Massage

-Hot Stone Massage

-Medical Intuition/Body Talk

-Essential Oils and Natural Body Products


$75 & Up

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Courses & Coaching
In person/Online

-The Artist Way 12 week Course

-Beginners Chakra Study Course

-Introductory Online Meditation Course

-One on One Body, Mind & Spirit Coaching

-Couples Coaching/Marital Prep


$65 & Up


About Me

My mission is to care for, empower and inspire individuals, families, my community and the world with my personal experiences and holistic philosophies. Welcoming and growing in love through our connections on this journey of healing and living a

vibrant  life.

  The Artist Way                                                               Massage

Beginners Meditation                                                  Reflexology

The Chakras                                                                    Hot Stone

Aromatherapy Basics                                                 Chakra Work

Body, Mind & Spirit Coaching                                     Aromatherapy


Rev. Tanya Emmons

Licenced Ordained Minister



I was so thrilled to take part in the Artist's Way course facilitated by Tanya.  It has really put me on a creative path of doing what my inner voice has been telling me to do for years.  I am finally on a solid trajectory to get things done.  I loved the self-care components and saw a real difference in my outlook.  The group was fantastic and I learned that I was not alone in being blocked and now have some wonderful people to help me through this process.  Tanya is a true Spiritual Guide and has a great ability to get to the heart of matters and allow for self-reflection (in a safe and respectful way).  I loved attending the course and looked forward to the sessions each week.

-A Tousnard

I have had the extreme pleasure of working with Tanya in several of her workshops and through her body work.  I find Tanya to be professional and extremely proficient in her body work offerings as I have never walked out NOT feeling much better than when I arrived.  Tanya’s workshops were highly instrumental in moving me in very personal ways that I hadn’t been able to do through other training sessions.  It gave me the motivation to push through the perceived hard times to get to some pretty awesome balanced living.  I am appreciative for having welcomed Tanya into my life as she has assisted in my transformation to becoming a more balanced human being.


 -R. Hutchins. Human Resource Leader

Tanya is sensitive with her body work, gentleness permeates from her to the client. She is intuitive, caring and has integrity. Her practice illustrates all of these qualities and more. She has the uncanny ability to place her hands in the healing position of what your body wants. She is a true professional and cares about the client and the work she does. I would urge everyone to call her now. It will be a gift of self care for yourself'.


 -M. Duncalf-Barber Counselor, Educator, Writer


Rev. Tanya Emmons

Licenced Ordained Minister


Rev. Tanya Emmons

Licenced Ordained Minister


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